“The thought of riding the power that I heard emanating from reggae sound-system bass bins was utterly enthralling. Even today as I sit here, my heart skips a beat at the thought of “BASS”. I now realize that when you truly accept bass as an emanation of God at gut level, as the “ground” of existence, let alone music, you make a friend of impermanence – everything vibrates, moves, is in a state of flux. The fear of losing what you have, or of not getting what (you think) you want, diminishes. You can truly ride the rhythm. To you the open “E” string becomes spiritually vehicular. You can ride the sonic boom to heaven.” – from Memoirs Of A Geezer by Jah Wobble

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Frank: a student of the bass guitar, a gear nerd, and in general a music head. He bought Fugazi’s Repeater and Sonic Youth’s Dirty on the same day when he was 13 years old and hasn’t looked back.  He writes the blog’s content! (Frank’s band: Ma Jolie on Facebook  ::  Ma Jolie on Bandcamp)

Kate: music enthusiast, second-hand gear nerd, cook. She’s been involved in punk rock and local independent music scenes for over ten years, and will bring cupcakes to any house show, if you ask. She designs the blog’s look!

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